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Four-day week 'major breakthrough'

John Martin
February 21, 2023

The vast majority of the companies that took part in a recent trial of a four-day working week have chosen to carry on with the working pattern.

Sixty one companies took part in the trial and 56 of those have extended the four-day week. Eighteen have committed to making it permanent.

The findings are being presented to MPs as part of a campaign to persuade politicians to give all workers in Britain a 32-hour week.

The director of the 4 Day Week Campaign, Joe Royle, said: "Across a wide variety of sectors, wellbeing has improved dramatically for staff; and business productivity has either been maintained or improved in nearly every case.

“We’re really pleased with the results and hopefully it does show that the time to roll out a four-day week more widely has surely come.”

In total, around 2,900 UK employees took part in the pilot and surveys taken before and after found that 39% reported being less stressed, 40% were sleeping better and 54% said it was easier to balance work and home responsibilities.

The amount of sick days taken during the trial fell by around two thirds and 57% fewer staff left the firm taking part compared with the same period a year earlier.