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We’re harvesting thousands of jobs from hundreds of career websites. For many organisations, this means for the first time, zero advertising costs - maximum exposure.

We also help thousands of small and medium sized businesses who don’t have a careers website, advertise their job for FREE! Use our posting tool to advertise a job and get all the applications sent straight into your email in-box.

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Want full Candidate Management for this vacancy, including push notifications and onboarding, all managed from your desktop?

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Full Candidate Management

NexJob has a great full candidate management system that allows you to manage your applications online, gives your vacancy the power of push notifications, full in-app candidate management, video interviewing and onboarding - at only £250 per vacancy. If you’d like to use this to advertise and manage your job, click here.

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If you’re a company who posts jobs to your careers website and would like to publish them on the app for free, click this link and our team will supply you with a small piece of code for your site developers that will enable you to advertise your jobs on NexJob for free!


Genius ATS

If you’re posting more than 40 jobs a year then it might make sense to discover more about our ATS, which give you access to the entire talent database, quick apply, all the features of in-app candidate management, onboarding and integration with your HR solution. The world’s mot advanced ATS at your fingertips.

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We’ve created icons that you can help your marketing - either on digital, social or conventional - that will let candidates know all your jobs are available on NexJob:

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